5 Videos That Describe New Learning

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5 Videos That Describe New Learning

by TeachThought Staff

What new learning actually is depends on who you talk to. Project-based learning infused with educational technology. Game-based learning and learning simulations. Self-directed learning and learning through play. eLearning and mobile learning to promote personalized learning for every child.

Below are five videos that describe what some of these approaches look like, and why they make sense for us to consider.

1. This video by the MacArthur Foundation attempts to define the 21st Century Learner in terms of disposition, tools, informal learning, and the role of the student themselves in the learning process.

2. Dr. Cornel West discusses the philosophy of life–and how each of us can take a more philosophical approach to our own thinking and daily living–a distinction from pure academics.

3. Can video games solve all the world’s problems? Jane McGonigal thinks so, and makes some interesting points. Hyperbole or not, video games are radically under-appreciated in formal learning settings, and this video helps illuminate that issue.

4. Project-Based Learning–and its fraternal twin, Challenge-Based Learning–are think-tank approaches to the classroom where learners become problem-solvers, working in collaborative groups to address authentic local and global issues. This video shows one example of what it looks like in action.

5. This video gets at the elephant in the room–economic disparity across the planet, and how education is both impacted by that disparity, and can reform itself in that more authentic context.

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