7 Characteristics Of A Digitally Competent Teacher

7 Characteristics Of A Digitally Competent Teacher

by TeachThought Staff

We’ve mused in the past on the kinds of things teachers might be expected to do with technology in the classroom, what they should be able to do with an iPad (assuming they have iPads),

We’ve talked about the elements of a digital classroom, ways to share large files, and store and share files on the iPad as well.

The following infographic from dailygenius.com makes sense, then, in that context of being able to sketch out what might be required of a digitally-savvy and competent teacher. (You can give dailygenius a follow on twitter as well.)

7 Characteristics Of A Digitally Competent Teacher

7-characteristics-of-digitally-competent-teacher7 Characteristics Of A Digitally Competent Teacher

1. You can integrate digital skills into everyday life

If you can shop online, you can teach online. Digital skills are transferable.

2. You have a balanced attitude

Digital isn’t everything–you know that. You’re not a techie, you’re a teacher.

3. You’re open to using and trying new stuff

You can find digital tools, and so can your students. All that matters is that they work.

4. You’re a digital communicator

You can use email and social media with ease. (You know the difference between a tweet and a DM.)

5. You can assess digital quality & utility

You’re a sound judge of the quality of digital information, apps, and tools.

6. You understand and respect privacy

You treat personal data with the respect that it deserves.

7. You’re a digital citizen

You know how to behave online appropriately, legally, and in socially responsible ways. And you’ll pass it on to your pupils.

7 Characteristics Of A Digitally Competent Teacher; Characteristics of Teachers That Effectively Use Technology

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