Jane Hart from the Center for Learning & Performance Technologies released the following clickable guide to learning in a social organization.

What’s interesting is the role of social dynamics outlined, which parallels some of Albert Bandura’s¬†(among other researchers and theorists) ideas on the role of observation in learning, specifically attention and imitation in a (formal or informal) learning “workflow.”

Check it out below.

Update: The embedded presentation has been removed from slideshare. If anyone finds it elsewhere, let us know in the comments and we’ll update the post.

Training: Classroom, eLearning, Blended–>Social Training: using technology to augment classroom training and eLearning–>Using social media in the classroom–>Building Learning Communities–>Facilitating collaborative learning

Learning in the flow of work: natural, continuous, informal, social learning–>Social Collaboration: using social technologies to enhance internal collaborative working and informal, social learning practices–>Supporting communities of practice–>Supporting work teams–>Harnessing collective intelligence

Personal/Professional Learning: Outside the organization–>Using social web for continuous personal learning–>Personal Knowledge Management–>Personal