Education 2020: A Vision Of Learning Decentralized & Free


I wrote (theorized? hypothesized? guessed?) the incredible ways technology will change education by the year 2028. It was based on current trends in education (e.g., eLearning and blended learning), society (e.g., economic downturns and population growth), and technology (faster, smaller, more connected everything).

The following video from has a similar goal of predicting the future of education by tracing the current trajectory, but takes a heavier view of money and corporate interests, and how they could impact things in a very, very significant way. It starts out with some Dickens, and recounts the last few years of stunning change that can be easy to take for granted.

“It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. In 2020, people have access to a breadth and depth of knowledge unimaginable in an earlier age. However, schools as you know them have ceased to exist. Academia’s fortunes have waned. Twentieth century universities are an afterthought, a lonely remnant of a not too distant past. Why? Let’s find out.

Sal Khan starts the Khan Academy. His goal? To educate the world. Khan’s low-tech, conversational tutorials suggest an educational transformation that de-emphasizes classrooms, campus, and administrative infrastructures, as well as brand name instructors. Videos are hosted on YouTube and provided for free.

With an instructor of one, the Khan Academy offers thousands of videos, but the real power is in its exercise and assessment system. Teachers, coaches and mentors can set up groups of students with an exercise system that provides an infinite number of questions coupled with hints and links to content material.

Mastery is required before moving on and a game system of energy points and badges provide instant rewards. Time on task data is measured in seconds. The system measures learning.”

It then goes on to discuss the possibility of Apple buying Amazon (“Applezon”) to form what could be the most powerful content distribution network the world has ever known. Take a look, then share your sage reactions and general takeaways on our twitter or facebook page.