Meet The Future Of Mobile Learning On YouTube

Meet The Future Of Mobile Learning On YouTube

The Future Of Mobile Learning

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Whether you’re flipping your classroom, learning from home, or trying to improve your academic performance in a school, YouTube is an incredible source of learning resources.

While Sal Khan revolutionized the use of simple videos for learning for the masses, there is a coming generation of content creators inspired not only by the Khan model, but the open source approach of sharing knowledge and passion with a tool anyone with an internet connection and a web browser can use.

From the NextLabEvents folks, “We’re extremely excited to introduce to you all to the 10 YouTube Next EDU Gurus. They are using YouTube to create a global classroom and sharing their passions and knowledge about everything from linear algebra and science topics to speaking Japanese and the history of art masterpieces.”

“Educational videos on YouTube represent a return to what education should be.”

This approach represents a a crowdsourced approach to learning that captures the scale of the Khan Academy with the spirit of the Open Source movement that helped at least slow the over-commercialization of the internet years ago.

While the channels existed before this EDU Guru program, visibly aggregating them under a common banner helps symbolize an important disruption of the learning process, and a movement from learning what (content) and when (time-bound) to learning where (mobile) and how (asynchronous).


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