10 Future Technologies That Already Exist

future technologies that already exist

What Future Technologies Already Exist?

By any account, technology is changing how–and why–we learn.

It offers access to information that was unheard of even 25 years ago while connecting users in ways that it would’ve been ridiculous to even imagine during our parents’ generation. (Insert image here of your iPhone automatically “checking you in” to a physical location, scanning “relevant” deals, and automatically making purchases for you electronically.)

The video below shows 10 examples of “tomorrow’s” technology already available. While there is always a “yeah, but” factor to new technology, where it looks one way but really functions another–and with dozens of conditions and caveats–it’s still interesting to see the realization of what was not long ago science fiction.

As for the total impact of such technology on each of our lives, learning patterns, and basic interdependence? That’s a topic for another day.

10 Future Technologies that Already Exist

10. Printing human organs

9. Dynamically stable quadruped robots

8. Thought-controlled prosthetics

7. Wireless power

6. Retinal implants

5. Hologram television

4. Cloaking devices

3. Hovercars

2. Exoskeletons

1. Forcefields

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