The SAMR Model In 120 Seconds

The SAMR Model In 120 Seconds

The SAMR Model: A Quick Overview

This is not a post about the SAMR model (a way of thinking about how to teach with technology that uses an acronym as a mnemonic device)–well, not in any way that’s going to further the conversation around it, or push your thinking about the ins and outs of using it.

In December, we shared a post that used Starbucks as an analogy to illustrate the SAMR model. We also shared a post about using the SAMR model for more effective teaching with apps. We’ve even offered a kind of alternative to the SAMR model with our Stages of #edtech Disruption.

So why share a simple video of the same model we’ve already covered in more detail elsewhere? Because, in lieu of the slightly murky analogy involing cheese and tennis balls, the video does a pretty good job of explaining the idea in less time than it takes to watch Apple make another $18-billion-of-profits-in-a-single-quarter announcement.

Share it with a teacher just getting started with the idea. Or not. We’ve done our part.

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The SAMR Model In 120 Seconds

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