What Were The Breakthrough Technologies For 2014?

10-breakthrough-science-2014-fiWhat Were The Breakthrough Technologies For 2014?

Whether you’re a proponent of technology, are wary but willing, or against it entirely, it’s impossible not to be intrigued by its rapid development.

While “technology” is a relative term, and thus always been a cultural factor, we have become a obsessed with it as a planet. So whether you’re watching how it develops in celebration or morbid curiosity, keeping tabs makes sense. Which is where these graphics from weeklyscience.com come in.

We’re going to start sharing a “weekly” graphic from them that reflects more frequent updates, but for our first post we thought it made sense to look back (never mind that it’s June) at the breakthrough technologies of 2014.

10 Breakthrough Technologies For 2014

1. Agricultural drones

2. Ultraprivate Smartphones

3. Brain Mapping

4. Neuromorphic Chips

5. Genome Editing

6. Agile Robots

7. Microscale 3D Printing

8. Smart Wind & Solar Power

9. Mobile Collaboration

10. Oculus Rift


Graphic source weeklyscience.com; 10 Breakthrough Technologies For 2014; What Were The Breakthrough Technologies For 2014?

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