Help Us Beta Test TeachThought Groups

Want to help us beta test TeachThought Groups? If want to grow, you might find this opportunity worth a few minutes of your time.

Help Us Beta Test TeachThought Groups

Want To Help Us Beta Test TeachThought Groups?

by Terry Heick

Want to help us beta test TeachThought Groups?

If you love TeachThought and love learning, an upcoming opportunity may be useful for you or someone you know. We are beginning early beta testing of TeachThought Groups, a social learning approach that gathers teachers based on specific needs and circumstances to help them grow. How exactly this is structured is still a matter of iteration and design, which is why we are beta testing to see what does and doesn’t work, what features we need and don’t need, and so on.

Note, districts and schools that want to use the groups with their staff are encouraged to apply.


What: TeachThought Groups, a social learning strategy for TeachThought University

When: immediately

Where: We will provide sign-up links once enough educators volunteer to participate

How long does it last?

We aren’t sure about this one–‘as long as it takes’ might be the best response. As stated above, the idea is to improve TeachThought Groups and getting feedback–directly and indirectly–about what works, what’s broken, what’s confusing, what you’d like to see more of, etc.–so that we can make that happen.

What information will be collected?

We will obviously need your email address. You will also select a username and can personalize your profile but can also choose to make your profile private.

What are you committing to?

Nothing formally. We just hope you’ll use TeachThought Groups in a way that’s useful to you while providing feedback for us to make it better.

What is the cost?

The beta test is free.

Interested? Send me an email with three sentences: Your name, where you teach, and what your biggest challenge is in teaching right now.

Also note, we may not choose you immediately but contact you in the future to see if you’re still available as opportunities arise. This is a small beta test and spots are limited. I’ll send any teacher that participates a free copy of one of our reading comprehension strategy resources.