How Students Learn


passion-based learningHow Students Learn

by Terry Heick

  1. By watching predictions play out.
  2. Through the right collaboration at the right time.
  3. Via patient, unrushed reading.
  4. Through play.
  5. By seeing the parts of the whole, and the whole of the parts.
  6. Through realizing the interdependence between content and themselves.
  7. By pursuing self-knowledge.
  8. Through service to others.
  9. By realizing the difference between academics and learning.
  10. Through self-initiated transfer.
  11. By repetition. (Practice, practice, practice.)
  12. Through making mistakes.
  13. By discovery.
  14. By thinking critically about the mundane.
  15. Through thinking frequently about the complex.
  16. By being bored.
  17. Through recognizing the achievements of others.
  18. By operating within their Zone of Proximal Development.
  19. Through choice.
  20. By self-direction.
  21. Through honoring uncertainty.
  22. By curating relevancy.
  23. Through asking questions. And then asking better questions.
  24. By exciting spaces, not intricate policies; by goals, not rules.
  25. Through diversity, not uniformity.
  26. By self-awareness, not content-awareness.
  27. Through thinking about their own thinking.
  28. By not taking anything too seriously but an active mind.
  29. Through visible progress.
  30. By studying patterns.
  31. Through modeling.

Image attribution flickr user woodleywonderworks