24 Entertaining Short Stories For Middle School

24 Entertaining Short Stories For Middle School

Reading in middle school is tricky, and it’s not simply a matter of decoding and fluency.

Middle school students are an interesting bunch, with rapid brain development, emerging identities, and a varied assortment of readiness, background knowledge, and maturity in any given classroom.

This can make selecting short stories for middle school students a challenge. The following graphic may help. weareteachers.com, a treasure trove of teachers resources, put together the image below to help jumpstart your thinking. It is mostly classic stuff, but there are literally zero missteps here, with every story having literary value, from the suspense of “The Lottery” to the memorable characters of “Flowers for Algernon.”

As for additions, we might suggest “Everything That Rises Must Converge” by Flannery O’Connor, though it’s likely better suited for 8th graders and above. Let us know in the comments what else you’d include!

middle-school-short-stories-for-teaching24 Entertaining Short Stories For Middle School

1. All Summer in a Day

2. Flowers for Algernon

3. Harrison Bergeron

4. To Build a Fire

5. The Ransom of Red Chief

6. A Sound of Thunder

7. The Tell-Tale Heart

8. The Lady or the Tiger?

9. There Will Be Soft Rains

10. The Lottery

11. Hearts and Hands

12. The Rocking Horse Winner

13. Miss Awful

14. Charles

15. The Moustache

16. Young Goodman Brown

17. The Most Dangerous Game

18. The Black Cat

19. The Sniper

20. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

21. The Veldt

22. The House of Stairs

23. The Landlady

24. The Fun They Had

24 Entertaining Short Stories For Middle School

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