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Ross Teacher Academy: An Immersive Approach To Professional Development

ross-threeRoss Teacher Academy: An Immersive Approach To Professional Development 

by Ross Teacher Academy Staff

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The Ross Teacher Academy offers professional development in a wide range of topics and fields related to the Ross Learning System, from pedagogical best practices, to school culture, to grade- and domain-specific strategies and content.

Both two-day courses and four-day workshops are available, taught by experienced Ross faculty and administrators. Some courses are taught in partnership with Ross mentors and scholars. Ross Teacher Academy offerings target a range of educators, including teachers, department chairs, team leaders, school leaders, and informal educators. Though courses follow a broadly outlined curriculum, they are customized and tailored to fit the needs of those in attendance to ensure that participants acquire the training and level of understanding necessary to implement concepts and practices in their own schools and share what they have learned with their colleagues.

Current course offerings are listed below. Custom-designed courses are also available; please contact us with your suggestions or requests.

Four-Day Courses

  • Early Childhood Education for the Global Era
  • Educating Future Generations About Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Global Education Toolkit: Making Real-Time Sense of Critical World Issues and Events
  • Innovation Lab @Ross: Innovative, Integrated Science and Mathematics
  • Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning
  • Mindful Practices: Integrating Wellness Throughout the Curriculum

Two-Day Workshops

  • Creating Core Values and an Empathetic School Culture
  • Developing Critical and Creative Thinking Through Media Studies
  • Documenting Student Learning
  • Early Childhood Education for the Global Era*
  • Global Education Toolkit: Field Academy
  • Global Education Toolkit: Senior Project
    Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching Through Multiple Intelligences*
  • Teaching with Art and Artifact

* Offered in Spanish and English

ross-oneUpcoming Ross Teacher Academy Courses

AUGUST 4–7 2015
Arrive Sunday after 2:00pm
Depart Friday by 11:00am

AUGUST 10–13 2015 
Arrive Sunday after 2:00pm
Depart Friday by 11:00am

AUGUST 17–18 2015
Arrive day before after 2:00pm
Depart last day by 11:00am

AUGUST 19–20 2015
Arrive day before after 2:00pm
Depart last day by 11:00am

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Private room with ensuite bath, $225 per night

Private room with shared bath, $190 per night

Double accomodation possible with prior notice—splits cost of room. Meals at the Ross Café and all workshop materials are included.

About The Ross Model

At the core of Ross School and the Ross Model is a unique and comprehensive Spiral Curriculum that fosters such 21st century skills as intercultural understanding, multidisciplinary problem solving, collaboration, and independent pursuit of personal passions. Students work directly with emerging media, information, and communication technologies, learning how to use these technologies creatively and how to respond critically to the way media influences culture. Students are instilled with the intellectual curiosity and creative energy that help them to become lifelong learners. More importantly, they develop a multifaceted worldview that enables them to understand current dilemmas in a broad historical context and to anticipate the challenges they will encounter in the new global era.

One of the greatest dilemmas of education today is how to engage all children while maintaining rigorous standards. Traditionally, schools that attempt to reach all children do so by diluting excellence, while schools that promote rigor tend to focus only on teaching high-performing students. Students with diverse learning needs who come from a variety of socioeconomic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds all thrive in the Ross environment because of the school’s intercultural commitment and its appreciation for multiple intelligences and diverse ways of learning.


Ross Teacher Academy is located on the beautiful Ross Upper School campus in East Hampton, New York, about two hours east of New York City. Accommodations are spacious, beautiful, and luxurious Hamptons-style homes with large bedrooms, private bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, and study rooms. Homes are air-conditioned, and most have swimming pools available. Laundry facilities are available in the houses as well. Houses are lightly stocked with basics: coffee, tea, water, and toiletries. Sheets and towels provided.

Ross Café
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served at the exemplary Ross Café. Meals are nutritious and flavorful, and are prepared using fresh, regional, organic ingredients. Meals include vegetarian options, and accommodations for other dietary requirements are available as well.

Professional tennis courts, a weight room, and playing fields appeal to athletes, while extensive libraries, stunning architecture, and ubiquitous artwork nurture the aesthetic senses. Innovation Lab has specialized, state-of-the-art laboratories. All buildings are air-conditioned, providing a welcome respite from the warmth of summer.

Shuttle service can be provided upon request.


Contact For More Information

For more information, contact Meg Regan [email protected] 631-907-5300