A Taxonomy Tree: A Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Graphic

A Taxonomy Tree

A Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Graphic

by TeachThought Staff

If you’re a TeachThought reader, you know that thought is at the core of our content–curiosity, critical thinking, self-direction, and play among other slivers of learning.

This is especially true as it relates to teaching, learning, and technology. At the point where teaching, learning, and thinking overlap sits the concept of a learning taxonomy. And at that the center of that overlap is Bloom’s Taxonomy, certainly the most iconic of the thinking frameworks we use today.

And somewhere in that center of overlap is this graphic. You’ve probably seen the dozens of posts we’ve done to clarify Bloom’s–at least in form. We’ve shared different versions of Bloom’s taxonomy–pinwheels, iPad wheels, charts, cards, posters, power verbs, a simplified version for students, you name it.

Teacher have always found Bloom’s taxonomy useful–which makes sense: If teaching is about thinking, any way to get a fresh take on a taxonomy that promotes it should draw some interest. We’ve featured graphics like these–often by Mia MacMeekin–in the past. Mia does a great job of capturing useful tips and strategies in easy to digest graphics, and this graphic is no exception

In terms of graphic commentary, it’s a straightforward take on Bloom’s updated taxonomy (Create on top). It also includes the power verbs that are so useful in writing lessons and objectives, etc. Check out Mia’s site and let her know what you think.

A Taxonomy Tree: A Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Graphic

A Taxonomy Tree: A Bloom's Revised Taxonomy Graphic