Benefit #1 Of The TeachThought Reader Program: No Ads

The TeachThought Reader Program Has No Ads

Dear readers,

TeachThought Reader is a simple program created to provide a more personalized–and clutter-free–reader experience

For the record, we use an ad platform to control ads for us and would like to gradually move away from ads to a site ‘otherwise funded.’ For those that don’t read that post, it basically explains that ad revenue–the funding we use to run TeachThought–has decreased dramatically in 2020 and without funding, we can’t continue (at least in the capacity we have been since 2010).

A major part of our effort to shift away from ads to something more sustainable and more parallel with our ethos will be coming in the very near future. : )

In the meantime, we thought a simple program that centered the reader (you) might make sense. It’s called the TeachThought Reader program and it’s a way to offer a more personalized–and relaxed–reader experience to start. If it proves popular enough, additional development will come with a focus on ways to make reading, saving, and learning from our content easier.

How does it work? By purchasing a $49 annual pass, you will remove all ads (except for those promoting our own work and services). It renews annually but you can cancel anytime. After purchasing the pass, within 24 hours you will have sign-in information sent to your email address.

After signing in, the ads will be removed from the site. For now, that (and supporting our work) is the only benefit of the TeachThought Reader program but, as I mentioned, more could be upcoming. : )

If you’re interested, you can join here. Either way, thank you for all of your work in education. If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly.

Terry Heick

Founder & Director at TeachThought