The Definition, Means, And Effects Of Cyberbullying

Bullying is bullying, and there has been significant progress in this incredibly important issue in the last ten years.

In many of the classrooms we’ve been in over the last two or three years, bullying has shifted from the teacher vernacular to that of the students. It is not uncommon at all to see students observe, identify, socialize, and move to correct bullying on their own without input from teachers.

But obviously things aren’t perfect. While the traditional image of bullying involves a large angry boy shaking a young timid boy upside down by his ankles until his lunch money falls out, the growth of technology has increased the nuance of human connection. By a simple “like” or “share” button, a message can be sent, oftentimes chock full of implicitness, but lacking in direct “attacks.” Such is the life of digital and social media.

The following infographic reviews the definition of cyberbullying, and includes the most common technology-based avenues for it to occur, and the harmful effects of it all.