What A 4 Year-Old’s Bucket List Looks Like


What A 4 Year-Old’s Bucket List Looks Like

What’s on your bucket list?

Publishing a book? Seeing your child’s wedding? Climbing Mount Everest? Starting your own school?

How about drinking clean water?

Seeing the ocean, kissing a girl, or flying in an airplane? For 4 year-old Nkaitole those things–and, oh yeah, clean water–were up there on the list, as this video showcases.

The video’s producer TheGiftofWater wrote in the comments section that, as a result of the project the video is a part of, “his entire village and three other villages around his, all got a point of use, bucket water purification system for each home. In Oct. Nkaitole’s village will have a well drilled so they have a constant source of clean water.”

You can see this video and more like it on their YouTube channel.