When we launched Learnist back in May, users had (and still have) the option to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos, Google Docs, Wikipedia articles, SlideShare decks and more, directly into their Learnboards — with the goal of helping anyone learn anything, from anywhere. We call those external resources Learning Types, and we work hard to ensure they work well and display well on Learnist whether you’re using a computer, iPhone or iPad for easy mobile learning!

It feels like there is an endless supply of helpful free learning resources on the web and we seem to stumble across a new one daily. Our team wants to make sure that Learnist users truly have access to it all so we are constantly adding new Learning Types to Learnist.

Here’s a quick look at five new Learning Types we’re really excited about:

  • ShowMe is a free iPad app that lets you create video lessons using a whiteboard. Millions of people have created ShowMes, from chemistry to history to football strategy. Check out some examples of ShowMes on Learnist here.

  • Quizlet provides more than 13 million public ‘study sets’, which include various exercises like interactive flashcards, audio quizzes and more. Every Quizlet, from foreign language to test prep to art history are now available to add to Learnboards.

  • Musictheory.net helps people learn and teach music theory from scales to rhythm and meter for free. You can add customized exercises or suggested lessons to Learnist.

  • Prezi takes interactive slideshows to a new level, with a focus on zooming. Lots of folks are turning to Prezi to create presentations, including Chris Anderson, curator of TED. Add your own or any public prezi to your Learnboard to make it even more interactive!

  • Google Art Project helps people enjoy and learn about more than 30,000 works of art from sculpture to architecture to drawings and explore more than 150 collections from 40 countries, all in one place. Our favorite part? You can create your own collections and integrate them on Learnist.

Check out our Special Learning Types on Learnist Learnboard for more information on what Learning Types are available and how to use them.

We’re excited to continue to add new Learning Types to Learnist and we’re always open to your suggestions. Have ideas? Please feel free to email [email protected] or [email protected] with your thoughts.