Video: Watch Teacher Greet Every Student With A Personalized Handshake

by TeachThought Staff

What does personalized learning look like?

That’s a complicated question full of subjectivity and disagreement. But if you’re looking for a decent metaphor that captures it in spirit, this video is a pretty good start.

In it, North Carolina teacher Barry White Jr. (presumably no relation to the Barry White) greets every student with their own special handshake each day as they enter the classroom.

There are other videos with teachers doing the same, and we’re not quite sure which started the trend. That’s less relevant, though, than the lesson: While team-building is a big part of this, the fact that each student has their own distinct handshake is a strong analogy for personalized learning–at least insofar as it’s possible in today’s K-12, standards-based, government-funded classrooms.

Have you considered doing something similar? Do you already?

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Video: Teacher Greets Every Student With A Personalized Handshake