Why Teaching Is Still The Best Job In The World

alexandersaprykin-why-teaching-is-the-best-job-in-the-world7 Reasons Why Teaching Is Still The Best Job In The World

by Paul Moss 

Sometimes, good teachers quit. Teaching is an increasingly demanding job with divergent influences, dynamic sources of innovation, and aging dogma that makes it all a struggle. It can be emotionally draining, and at times, impossible.

But in lieu of that–and in an age where start-ups are glorified, entertainment is endlessly emphasized, and tech is kind, teaching continues to be the best job in the world. Or at least I think so anyway. Here are 7 reasons why.

7 Reasons Why Teaching Is The Best Job In The World

1. The potential to transform lives – ask any teacher who has helped a student in any number of ways, from academic to welfare and emotional learning, and they will tell you that life is not only good, but amazing.

2. It gives you the chance to be continuously creative – of course there are increasing levels of accountability in teaching, but teachers are allowed to be creative in every lesson. Even in observations, in fact most of all in observations, lessons are encouraged to be creative and interesting to engage the students. Teachers have so many opportunities to try new ideas, and indulge in iterative process to ensure the optimum learning environment is created.

3. It offers you a chance to continuously get better – teachers are not only encouraged to seek continuous professional development, but can ask for observation on a regular basis, to provide opportunities to grow and learn from masters or more experienced practitioners. In so few professions is there such support, and considering that as a minimum, contracts are for a year, teachers have so much time to demonstrate improvement. A growth mindset is part of the foundation of teaching.

4. It is a grounding, humbling profession – the amount of work teachers do compared to remuneration is shockingly disproportionate, in 2 senses: firstly, in terms of how many paid vs non paid hours of work they receive, and secondly, in relation to other similarly creative and important (and not so important) vocations in our society. But that is not why teachers teach. So few teachers go into the vocation for the salary – it’s a calling before anything else.

5. There is always satisfaction somewhere – teaching is a calling, and no one enters it without his or her inner voice telling him or her that. Of course there are always some imposters, but the massive majority have their hearts in the right place. How cool is that for the students?

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Having said that, teaching can be and is incredibly demanding, and often we can lose sight of that calling, bogged down in aspects of the profession that don’t seem to be connected to it. But on closer inspection, most of the extra demands are actually central to the job itself: explaining to parents where you are coming from; being observed; collaborating with others; marking.

Take this last aspect, crucial to understanding whether students are learning what you believe you are teaching. Yes, it is very time consuming, but perhaps one of the most important and fundamental weapons in a teacher’s arsenal; any good school will understand this and the other cited demands, and create an environment where they become part of directed time.

It is when these aspects are not acknowledged in directed time that the conditions for burnout are rife.

6. It’s a chance to truly to lead the world in the 21st century – introducing students to new technologies and ways of presenting, curating, and collaborating with others with what they know is truly exciting and truly invigorating. Modern teachers are actually pioneering pedagogy, and can and will be able to hold their heads up high in the future when we look back and see how learning in this day and age took a radical but enormously beneficial turn for the better.

Engaging students in greater collaboration, and instilling initiative in curation and the promotion of information leads to truly independent learning, and setting up such learning environments is an opportunity that all teachers now have before them. There are few more gratifying feelings that being needed.

7. The children. 


Of course, so much of the technological addition to teaching has all been achieved mostly through our own initiative, having to source and implement the enterprising learning strategies. But this only provides another string to our bow, and in the context of how important 21st century skills are, another example of why teaching is such an amazing thing to do. Sometimes teaching is exhausting, but friends, always come back to the core of what we are doing.

We are change makers, and that is something to be proud of. Long live teaching, still the best job in the world!

Adapted image attribution flickr user alexandersaprykin; 6 Reasons Why Teaching Is The Best Job In The World

  1. Martin Gatehouse says

    Mostly thought PGCE year and nope, it is not the best job in the world.

    1. paul moss says

      Patience is important. It’s certainly not an easy job, but once you get into sync with it, it’s very rewarding.

  2. bwitty20 says

    I’m glad you included the students on your list. I totally agree; they are my favorite part about teaching. I feel like it sounds cliché, but they are funny and energetic and capable and awesome. I’m 100% with you on this piece. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Vijay Ratnakar says

    Teaching is a passion, a strong inner need of people who love to learn and share their knowledge and experiences with seekers like themselves. They live with the times in sync with their students whom they know and love and as a resource plough their knowledge, experience, skills and energies to assist them in their quest. An onerous and challenging task ,no doubt, which not many are capable of taking up and those who do have to be the cream, Yet in major parts of the world, it is the dregs in the learning community who opt for teaching as a profession. Reason is simple, a teacher does not contribute directly in the creation of material wealth by corporates and share it. And in the modern times money is the guiding factor and with it one can buy education, teachers, knowledge skills and experience and sometimes even values.

  4. Des says

    Sub teaching is undoubtedly rewarding—just does not pay enough to have things like a decent place to live in a decent area, a reliable car, the ability to date and hang out with friends regularly on outings, travel to remote places, keep the car properly gassed, consistently purchase groceries, not have to borrow money to pay bills…other than that it is great!

  5. Anne Tenaglia says

    I can say I felt that way until 4 years ago. No passion and creativity can survive increasing class size, frozen pay, decimation of support personnel, charter school expansion, the test prep emphasis, NO new textbooks or supplies for three years running, constant harassment from the media and the District office about low scores in a city where all schools are eligible for free lunchz, lesson plans that are supposedcto be homogeneous within the grafe group, and constant legislative attacks on tenure, pensons, and evaluations.. Thank goodness I was able to retire on a good pension. I cannot even begin to think about recommending my profession to anyone.

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