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41 Must-Have Teaching Tools From edshelf

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by edshelf: Reviews & recommendations of tools for education

As a teacher, delving into the world of education technology can be daunting. There is SO MUCH out there. How is a busy teacher to know where to begin?

Fortunately, Glenda Stewart-Smith of Surrey School District #36 in Canada has put together this collection of essential teaching tools. Each has been shown to be effective in the classroom. There is no need to dive in head-first. If you are drowning in a sea of edtech, wade in this proven pool first.

What teaching tools would you recommend to other teachers?

41 Must-Have Teaching Tools from edshelf

Image attribution flickr user Cooperating School Districts of STL

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Karol Gonzales

Thank you for recommending the Educational tool list. Very useful! I would like to add one tool: Mentimeter.com – the ultimate tool to interact with your audience. Mentimeter provide an easy-to-use web based tool that enables you to create questions, collect answers and show the result in real time.