50 Apps That Represent 50 New Ways To Learn


50 Apps That Represent 50 New Ways To Learn

by TeachThought Staff

Modern learning is in a state of flux as it struggles to find out what it wants to become.

Schools continue to merely “add on” learning, while technology strongly suggests new possibilities for inside and beyond the classroom. From learning simulations and mobile learning, to adaptive apps, flipped classrooms, and self-directed learning through amazing digital channels, the possibilities for learning are almost overwhelming.

Below we’ve gathered a diverse list of learning apps across iOS and Android from giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, as well as upstarts like Brainfeed, The Sandbox, and Knowji. None of the apps are perfect, but each app does something special, and in that talent represents what’s possible as we careen towards 2020 and beyond.

Learning through play. Self-directed learning. Flipped learning. Mobile learning. Collaborative learning. Social learning. It’s all here. Alone, none offer the turn-key approach to education that textbooks have traditionally turned to, but that’s part of the strength. As education technology grows, we can adapt to new learning models that take advantage of the fragmented but enormous potential of self-directed, creative, collaborative, and almost entirely mobile learning.

50 Apps That Clarify 50 New Ways To Learn

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50 Apps That Represent 50 New Ways To Learn