8 Apps To Turn Your iPad Into A Digital Whiteboard


Whether you’re interesting in blending, flipping, personalizing, or differentiating your classroom, technology can be a huge help. Technology gives students direct access to content, which frees the teacher up for other roles.

iPads function exceptionally well in this capacity, and one of their talents is to function as a digital whiteboard. Whether you want to lead an in-person class through the iPad screen, or you need remote access to eLearners or others in a school-to-school program, you’ve got options. Below are 8 apps (with various strengths and weaknesses–the only way to know if they truly fit your needs is to try them, unfortunately) that can help you blend and flip your classroom–or just give students more direct access to you, one another, and the content.

8 Apps To Turn Your iPad Into A Digital Whiteboard

1. Doceri

Price: Free to try, $4.99 for full version

More information from developer: “Doceri allows me to present a lesson from anywhere in the classroom; a big plus when trying to manage 32+ middle school students. To actually see what I am writing and replay it while facing my students with my back to the board is amazing! I can work out equations ahead of time, or live in front of the students.” Anne Whitman, 7th grade math teacher at Oakdale Jr. High in California


2. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Price: Free

More information from developer: “Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. Explain a math formula. Create an animated lesson. Add commentary to your photos. Diagram a sports play. With voice recording, realistic digital ink, photos and text, and simple sharing through email, Facebook or Twitter, now you can broadcast your ideas from anywhere.


3. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

Price: Free

More information from developer: “Turn your iPad into your personal interactive whiteboard!ShowMe allows you to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online.”



4. Whiteboard HD

1 of 32

Price $4.99

More information from developer: “Collaboration on preliminary sketches, group brainstorming and student projects are all perfect uses for Whiteboard. You can even share ideas through external monitors or projectors in multiple aspect ratios when used with the iPad VGA adapter. At the end of class or a meeting, it’s easy to save and bookmark notes, images and diagrams in the apps project manager, then send out a copy of the groups work via email.”


5. Syncspace

Price: $8.49

More information from developer: “SyncSpace lets people express and explore visual ideas together, wherever you are. It is a zoomable drawing space that can be shared in real time over the net. It is a shared whiteboard plus a whole lot more.”


6. Jot! 

Price: Free

More information from developer: “Jot! is a simple, fast whiteboard that lets you sketch out your ideas and share them in real time. Draw, take notes, or wireframe on your iPad quickly and easily as soon as ideas come to you. Share your ideas via email or save them as photos. Collaborate in real time over the internet with Live Sharing.”jot-digital-whiteboard

7. BaiBoard

Price: Free

More information from developer: “Live collaboration from iPad, Mac and web via 1. Zoomable multi-page whiteboard, 2. Collaborative annotation on PDF docs, and 3. Screen Sharing from iPad to web browser.”


8. Groupboard

Price: Free for 5 students; class sizes available at subscription prices

More information from developer: “Groupboard turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a collaborative whiteboard, allowing you to draw and chat in real time with other people anywhere on the internet, even with users using a web browser.”


  1. Arisha Burman says

    It’s nice. I like to share to users about Photo Effects Plus. It’s helps you to bring the art and talent of Andy Warhol, Picasso, M. F Husain to your iPhone/iPod/iPad Touch photos.


  2. Malik says

    Great post. I see you missed SMARTboard’s app but I don’t blame you. However I will have to check out the ones that I’m not too familiar with that are free! I wrote a post not too long ago about Educreations vs ShowMe here: http://bit.ly/11zjdts.

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Malik (@mrich1911)

  3. Praveen says

    Use Case: Share the iDevice screen with PC/Mac using USB cable. Then use webex or Microsoft Livemeeting to share your desktop and share the PC/Mac desktop live over internet. Also have the ability to record the iDevice screen interaction in PC/Mac as an avi file.

    The free solution is iTools. Its absolutely free and provide lot of tools for iDevices. Download the zip file, unzip and double click the 6mb exe file. It will prompt you to update to latest version if you download from cnet site. Do update when it prompts. I tested with iPod touch 5th Gen, iPhone 5 and it worked like a charm. Click on Desktop, then Live Desktop. There is a slight lag which is not a deal breaker for me.

    Download link: http://download.cnet.com/iTools/3000-2248_4-75629761.html?tag=mncol;1
    or search iTools in http://download.cnet.com/
    or from the hong kong site: http://itools.hk/multi_lang_pc_download.htm

  4. Collaaj says

    We are excited to announce the shiny new Collaaj app for iPad. With Collaaj, you can record a whiteboard, along with audio and even camera. When you are done recording, you can even perform some quick editing, and upload it to get a URL. The URL can be shared privately or publicly and can play on any device. No flash needed. Pretty cool!

    Check out this video demo of Collaaj for iPad – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lDQDMabTgU

    Note that because of Apple limitations, we couldn’t put a sign up button in the app. So please sign up at collaaj.com and use the same login info in the app.

    And stay tuned for more editing and document/presentation annotation features coming shortly.

  5. John M. says

    Cool resouces! Another one that we use in our district is Lucidchart which has a nice iPad whiteboard interface.

    What’s especially nice is that it’s free for educators and students: https://www.lucidchart.com/pages/education/K12. That price is hard to beat!

  6. MrSchloeffel says

    Don’t forget AniMoby. I am finding that AniMoby is extremely easy-to-use for the creation of presentations and tutorials. I am down in Brazil, and many teachers are using the app to save time. Great tool for education. Check it out!

  7. coliver says

    What app could I use to mirror what is on my iPad to my whiteboard? Would the whiteboard be interactive the same as my iPad?

  8. Zhutcheson says

    You can download Air Squirrel’s Reflector app on your laptop. Then you are able to mirror your tablet or smartphone to your laptop that is connected to an interactive whiteboard.

  9. Nadja Schumental says

    I use NoteBookCast whiteboard, its a web application optimized for Ipad, works great with Ipad2 and Ipad Air, its very interesting becuase whiteboards can be opened with ipad or pc. https://www.notebookcast.com/en/

  10. krumbachib says

    Thanks for your detail list but I prefer to use Mybrushes and Procreate to paint on iPad and iPhone. It is a powerful iPad drawing app. The whole drawing process could be saved and playback. more useful

  11. John Cromick says

    There’s also Explain Everything. I’ve been using it for some time now and it’s extremely effective as an interactive whiteboard. I love scrolling around its infite canvas – I never run out of space to write on. It also allows me to insert documents and even movies that can be annotated while they play.

    1. Patrick Shanahan says

      Thank you. I’m designing a tutoring business.

  12. namurwtqx says

    You should use Mybrushes which is great tool to sketch on whiteboard.

  13. Kim G says

    Can anyone recommend the best app for us to use for my Dad in a nursing home? We would like to mount an ipad/tablet in his room so we can all log in from around the world to send him notes, photos and possibly some audio. The main function requirement is for it to remain displayed, or for us to be able to operate it remotely so he doesn’t have to figure out how to turn it on or off or how to find our messages. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. jeannie says

      Kim, What did you decide works the best for your Dad? My dad is in Assisted living and has Alzheimers. He needs reminders, cuing, and family would love to find a similar solution where we could leave him notes, or leave staff notes remotely on a screen that stays active. Maybe use an app on an IPad (or other device that has a larger screen?) propped on a stand so they can easily see it? Any ideas?

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