60 Of The Best Education Apps For Your Classroom

Which Education Apps Should Teachers And Students Know About?

And further, what are the best apps to make that happen? The best little bits of software to use tomorrow, in your school, to make your classroom go?

This is, strangely, not a frequent topic for us. We are more interested in helping you push your classroom towards something unrecognizable–something that reflects the extraordinary change the world has seen but many public schools have somehow resisted. Something that centers students, helps them learn what’s worth understanding, and then equips them–and you–to make that learning happen.

But what if that’s not your bag? What if you have a classroom and standards and tests and pressure and walkthroughs and parents and IEPs and 504s and classroom management issues and bandwidth problems and Draconian district filtering and that’s just the way it is? What then?

This is the reality that, if statistics don’t mislead, most of you face on a daily basis. The good news is, there is a lot you can do in a traditional, top-down, ‘high-pressure’ school or classroom. The apps below represent 60 (which conveniently works out to about one per week if you want to try them that way) of the best apps for your classroom.

What’s An Education App?

First, it’s probably useful to define what an ‘education app’ is. In this case, we’re going to consider an ‘education app’ one designed intentionally to support teaching or learning–usually academic content but limited to traditional content areas.

There are apps that help teachers gather data, scan exams, contact parents, promote research, keep notes, share documents, or even flip your classroom. They can also help students learn new content, review existing content, connect with other students, use their phones to identify plants and animals, and more.

60 Of The Best Education Apps For Your Classroom

Google Classroom is Google’s platform that allows teachers to organize, distribute, and grade assignments through a simple, Google Drive-like platform.

Quizlet is a way for teachers and students to create flashcards for studying.

Khan Academy allows anyone to learn most academic content for free.

MarcoPolo World School is an engaging way for elementary school students to learn a range of content through likable characters exploring the world.

YouTube is polarizing and full of junk but is also one of the deepest sources for incredible content mankind has ever created.

MasterClass isn’t ‘a formal education app’ but offers a growing library of simple, engaging video content.

RubricScorer is a simple app that doesn’t exactly what the title suggests.

Anchor is an app that makes it simple to create podcasts.

Epic is like Netflix but for children’s books.

CK-12 allows teachers to create custom digital eTextbooks and other digital learning curriculum.

BiomeViewer is a science wonderful app to let students explore biomes across the planet.

Google Earth allows students to go almost anywhere on earth, exploring cities, landmarks, topographical features, and more.

Minecraft: Education Edition





Google Arts & Culture

Civilization 6

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Sky Guide




Microsoft Teams

Vocabulary Builder

Waking Up by Sam Harris

Amazon Kindle

Google Drive


Reality Composer

Waypoint EDU

Memrise Language Learning


Seneca Women


Desmos Graphic Calculator

Explain EDU


Slice Fractions 2

Prompts For Writing

GeoGebra Augmented Reality








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Seek by iNaturalist allows students to identify plants and animals through their smartphones.

Tappity: K-5 Science


CodeSpark Academy






Khan Academy Kids

Microsoft OneNote

Class Dojo


PBS Kids Games

60 Of The Best Education Apps For Your Classroom

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