100 Blended Learning Resources For Teachers

100 Blended Learning Resources For Teachers

What Are The Best Blended Learning Resources For Teachers?

by TeachThought Staff

The following is a compilation of some of our favorite blending learning resources for teachers in 2020

Blended Learning Resources: Examples, Ideas, Benefits, and Definitions

1. The Definition Of Blended Learning

2. 12 Different Types Of Blended Learning

3. The Benefits Of Blended Learning

4. 6 Ways Teachers Are Using Blended Learning

5. 10 Drivers Of Blended Learning

6. 10 Steps Towards Creating A Blended Learning Program

7. 50 Of The Most Popular Online Courses Of All-Time

TeachThought Recommended Blended Learning Resources: Learning Management Systems for K-12

8. Google Classroom 

9. IXL

10. Kiddom

11. Classter

12. Desire2Learn

13. Haiku Learning

14. Schoology

15. Edmodo

16. Blackboard

17. Feather Cap

18. Moodle

19. CK-12 

TeachThought Recommended Blended Learning Resources: University Resources & Free Open Courseware

20. MIT Open Courseware

21. Harvard University Open Courseware

22. Stanford University Open Courseware

23. Stanford University Open Learning Initiative

24. Yale University Open Courseware

25. University of Kentucky Open Courseware

26. UMass Boston Open Courseware

27. edX Open Courses

28. The Open Education Consortium

29. Open Culture

30. University of the People

31. Open Courseware Consortium

32. P2PU

33. Washington State’s Open Course Library

34. The Open University

35. Class Central

A portal for the best online courses–links, reviews, information, etc.

TeachThought Recommended Blended Learning Resources: Free Online Texts & Library Resources

36. ipl2 (Internet Public Library)

37. Project Gutenberg

38. Planet eBook

39. High Wire

40. OER Commons: Free Open Education Textbooks

41. eBooks Directory

42. OER Commons Lesson & Activity Builder

43. Flatworld Knowledge

Flatworld Knowledge is a platform whose goal is to allow instructors to create affordable textbooks that can be printed or downloaded digitally.

TeachThought Recommended Blended Learning Resources: Tools To Create & Organize Video Content

44. Explain Everything Drive

45-48. YouTube or Vimeo Pro or Voo Player

49. Google Drive (or Dropbox)

50. WeTransfer

51. HighTail

52. Flip

TeachThought Recommended Blended Learning Resources: Video Content

53. Smarter Every Day

54. YouTube Learning

55. Veritasium


57. Crash Course or Crash Course Kids

58. MIT Open Courseware

59. MIT K12 Videos

60. Bozeman Science

61. PBS Idea Channel

62. Numberphile

63. Vimeo Instructional Videos

Cloud-Based Grading Apps & Platforms For Blended Learning

Note, we have not had a chance to test these platforms out so these aren’t ‘recommended’ but rather offered as possibilities to learn more about. If we review any of these platforms in-depth, we’ll link to those reviews here.

64. Think Wave Gradebook

65.  ZipGrade

66. Alma Gradebook

TeachThought Recommended Blended Learning Resources: Content Curation & Sharing

These are all tools–among dozens and dozens of alternatives–that allow teachers and students to both find and curate learning materials, articles, texts, and more for blending learning activities and units.

Each of the above has a sweet spot–Storyify is more for social media ‘storytelling’ while Pocket is more for simple curation, while Paper.li is more of a ‘newspaper’ approach that allows users to share what they’ve found in a format that’s easy to read. Obviously, choose the best fit for you and your students.

67. Feedly

68. Pocket

69. Microsoft Teams

70. Flipboard

71. Paper.li

72. Scoop.it

73, 74. WordPress or Blogger (create simple websites to publish curated content)

75. Pearltrees

Other TeachThought Recommended Blended Learning Resources

76. Google Education

77, 78. Apple Keynote (also see Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint)

79. Google Forms

80. Slideshare

81. Scribd

82. iTunesU

83. iBook Author

84. TED: Ideas worth spreading

85. Dosomething.org

86. DIY.org

87. SeeSaw

88. Go Class

89. TeachersPayTeachers

90. Newsela

91. ReadWorks

92. Read Theory

93. Go Formative

94. Voice Thread

95, 96 Zoom or Microsoft Teams

97. Khan Academy

98. Kahoot

99. Edgenuity

100 Of The Best Blended Learning Resources For Teachers [Updated For 2021]