A Teacher’s BYOT Handbook: 10 Checklists For Creating Your Plan

10 Checklists For Creating Your BYOT Plan

A few weeks ago, we shared 11 sample BYOT policies to help you create your own.

Unlike some learning tools, BYOT resources have to be diverse because of the inherently flexible nature of BYOT. What works for one school or district may not for another.

Another challenge for educators looking for BYOT “stuff” is that what you’re finding is likely scattered all over the internet. Which makes the handbook of BYOT “stuff” that convergemag.com created (and grabonlee is hosting) all the more helpful. In it you’ll find 10 checklists for creating–or simply checking–your BYOT plan, covering the following topics.

1. Educational Objectives

2. Capacity Planning Checklist

3. Infrastructure Planning

4. Compliance

5. Secure Authentication

6. Management Options

7. Device Requirements

8. Professional Development

9. Parental Buy-In

10. Challenges (e.g., finding funds, equal access, etc.)