20 Interesting Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom


Using social media in a modern learning environment seems easy, but that simplicity is often the result of how we think about it: new ways to accomplish old tasks.

Below is a visual spectrum that offers 20 ideas for using twitter in a 21st century classroom. Many of these may not directly “fit” your grade level or content area and might function better as a kind of brainstorming to get your own thinking started.

We’ve done this kind of spectrum before–one on twitter, one on the iPad, one on Project-Based Learning. Please find our facebook page or twitter account and offer any good ideas we undoubtedly missed!

20 Interesting Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom

twitter spectrum 2
  • Mercedes Kamijo

    I’d like to use your Twitter Spectrum chart as a basis for a similar visual aid in Spanish, but tere’s no reference to your chart being a Creative Commons licensed work,

    Will you grant me permission to use it as long as your work is properly attributed?

    • terryheick

      Of course, please do.