50 Resources For Teaching With iPads


A Collection Of The Best Resources For Teaching With The iPad

by TeachThought Staff

So we thought we’d start an ongoing collection–that is, one that is updated to reflect trends and changes–of the best resources for teaching with the iPad.

This will include resources from all of the best sources, from Apple’s own resources to TeachThought to edutopia to MindShift to DMLCentral to Jackie Gerstein and more. We can update it, or make it a wiki to crowdsource the process, or you can add suggestions in the comments below. Based on the activity of the comments, and the sharing of the post, we’ll decide how to handle it moving forward.

Collecting The Best Thinking, Apps, & Resources For Teaching With iPads

How iPads Function In Education

The Access Model: 1:1 Teaching with iPads, by TeachThought

Terry Heick of TeachThought looks at the characteristics of an iPad-friendly curriculum.

Jackie Gerstein looks at engagement and user-centeredness of a tech-focused classroom

DML looks at the iPad and “generativity.

Sync Teaching & Second Screen Learning, by Terry Heick

edutopia’s Beth Holland takes a look at the important issue of screen time.

Terry Heick asks, “Are apps the new textbook?”

Apple’s resources for iPads in education.

The Tabula Project looks at the riddle of iPad integration

The Padagogy Wheel: SAMR + teaching + apps + pretty graphic

Preparing For iPad Deployment

TeachThought looks at the kinds of big questions that can help you think about how iPads might “fit’ in your classroom.

Beth Holland at edutopia looks at your “first 5 days” of an iPad classroom

edutopia follow-ups that post with this one on the first 5 days, weeks, and months

MacObserver looks at the now-infamous LA iPad-rollout fail.

MindShift offers a set of questions to help gauge your “iPad Readiness.”

Alyssa Tormala offers lessons learned from teaching with iPads, via edutopia

MindShift looks at rolling out an iPad program with “eyes wide open

Tips For iPad Security In The Classroom


The Best Apps For Teaching & Learning

38 of the Best Educational Games for iPad

What are the best free apps for teaching and learning? Here is one collection to get you started.

Sam Gliksman’s “essential apps for education.”

25 Apps For Project-Based Learning

Looking to go with a paperless classroom? Here are some apps to get started.

TeachThought offers apps for guided reading in the elementary classroom.

Apps that demonstrate apps > textbooks

Apps to make videos, apps for writing on the iPad, and apps that clarify new ways to learn

iPad Utility & Function

Adding YouTube clips to the iPad Photo Roll

Making your iPad function as a document camera.

Apple’s iTunes Education Spotlight

Apple’s recommendations for iPad assessment. (This one is more about the features of the iPad and how to use Guided Access than it is actual assessment practice.)

Getting started with PDF worksheets for tablets.


Ideas For Lessons

TeachThought’s “iPad Spectrum” that offers iPad-designed activities framed (roughly) around increasingly-complex cognitive demand.

Andrew Marcinek at edutopia takes a look at six examples of iPad integration

Using iMovie trailers as icebreakers.

A decent collection of iPad-friendly activities.

62 ideas for teaching with iPads.


Jackie Gerstein asks, Is There A Digital or Intellectual and Pedagogical Divide?

A list of iPad pilot programs

Putting together an iPad pilot proposal

A general technology (& thus iPad-friendly) walkthrough document.

From edutopia, iPads vs laptops, with examples

25 Tips For Teaching With Apps

An annual teaching-with-iPads conference organized by educators, for educators.

Why iOS 8 will be a hit with educators, by MacWorld.

Apple’s iTunesU Overview

The History Of the iPad in Education, by TeachThought’s Terry Heick

50 Resources For Teaching With iPads