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30 Flipped Classroom Tools From edshelf

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by edshelf: Reviews & recommendations of tools for education

Jake Duncan is technology integration specialist at Region 6 Education Service Center and actively curates tools for educators on edshelf. He also blogs regularly on technology and education.

Here are a set of websites, mobile apps, and desktop applications that can be used to create a flipped classroom environment. It includes standbys like Camtasia and Jing, two desktop apps for creating videos, as well as newcomers like Educreations, ShowMe, and Knowmia Teach to help you create instructional videos on iPads.

Jake also suggests other helpful nuggets, including the screen-sharer ScreenChomp, remote desktop controller Doceri, SMS messenger Celly, and the free social network Sophia.

What tools do you use for your flipped classroom?

30 Flipped Classroom Tools From edshelf

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I’ve used http://gostudyit.com as my preferd platform for distribution of lectures and assignments. My students gets notifications about new lectures and also have their own provate notebook where they have all their learning material. Its also possible for students to share their work with their peers