These Course Evaluation Templates Will Help Your Students Grade You For A Change

by TeachThought Staff

Getting feedback from your students can be an eye-opening experience.

And with tools like Google Forms, it’s incredibly easy to use. Add in the ability to revise given templates, and you can effectively take someone else’s form, revise it to fit your needs, and have oodles of data in about 15 user minutes.

We considered creating a universal one for teachers to use, but then it occurred to us that “universal” often means “bad for everyone,” so instead we started sorting through existing templates to see if any looked useful. Below are 10 Google Forms that may qualify. The first five are examples built around the idea of feedback and course evaluation, while the second five are a collection of miscellaneous forms. (The Group Peer Evaluation form is definitely worth a look.)

Also, you may find 80 Interesting Ways To Use Google Forms In The Classroom and How To Create A Test That Grades Itself relevant as well.

8 Course Evaluation Templates To Get Feedback From Students

1. Daily Feedback Form

2. Course Evaluation

3. Student Feedback  

4. Student Feedback 2

5. Student Feedback 3

5 Other Forms

While I was skimming, I found a few others you may find useful.

6. 12 Question Self-Scoring Assessment

7. Group Peer Evaluation

8. (Very basic) Self-Evaluation Form For Special Education

9. Standards-Based Walkthrough Form

10. Student Self-Evaluation Tool

5 Course Evaluation Templates To Help Your Students Grade You For A Change