25 Of The Best Research Apps For iPad & Android

25-best-research-apps-for-ipad-android25 Of The Best Research Apps For iPad & Android

Out of all the reasons to use a tablet or smartphone in the classroom–or the library–mobile research might be among the most natural.

Whether a student is…

…Google’ing, Wikipedia’ing, facebook’ing;

saving a resource, taking a picture of a page so they don’t have to check out the whole book, or sharing a pdf with themselves from one account to another;

seeing if the National Archives, twitter, or Questia makes more sense for what they’re looking for;

need to ask a peer, a teacher, or a community member about the best source for a certain data point or tidbit;

need to ping reddit, Google+, or instagram community to see what important guiding question they’re failing to ask…

Using a tablet–whether from Apple, Google, or Windows–is often the most seamless way for them to do so.

Coupled with a pencil and a notepad, a tablet or smartphone–and all the apps and networks they give you access too–can make for a powerful combination. Below are 25 of the best research apps for iPad and Android to get you–and them–started.

25 Of The Best Research Apps For iPad & Android

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