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35 Digital Tools To Create Simple Quizzes And Collect Feedback From Students

by TeachThought Staff

Ed note: This post has been updated from a 2013 post

If there is one thing teachers lack, it’s time.

And while using technology to automate learning has been frowned upon by many, using it to automate time-consuming processes or aggregate data automatically is among the many seamless fits technology can make into any classroom. Which is where the following collections of apps and tools comes in.

These sites, tools, and apps can save teachers time by allowing them to create simple quizzes that can be taken asynchronously, and make polls and forms to collect feedback from students (content-based or otherwise).

They can be used for exit slips, pre-tests, student-created quizzes, course evaluation forms, project-based learning, and more.

1. Topgrade

2. ClassMarker

3. ProProfs

4. Moodle

5. Online Quiz Creator

6. QuizPedia

7. interact

8. Google Forms

9. Socrative

10. Quest Base

11. Fyrebox

12. Flexiquiz

13. Testmoz

14. Wufoo

15. KnowledgeMouse

16. Kahoot

17. Edmodo

18. SurveyAnyplace

19. Joomla LMS

20. Riddle

21. Poll Everywhere

22. Opinion Stage

23. gnowledge

24. Plickers

25. Hot Potatoes

26. Crowd Signal

27. imocha

28. Survey Monkey

29. QuestionPro

30. 123 Form Builder

31. ispring 

32. QuizStar

33. Mentimeter

34. Edpuzzle

35. Quizlet