What Is Google Course Builder?

Google Course Builder: An Overview

by TeachThought Staff

Google Course Builder is a now mostly-unsupported platform developed by Google using the Python coding language back in 2012. It is now most useful in niche cases for advanced users, and for the vast majority of educators likely not the first choice to develop online courses.

But there are some artifacts of the project that teachers could find useful. See below.

Google’s Approach To eLearning Course Design

Google Sharing eLearning Articles–‘Pedagogical Experiments’ (from in or around 2014)

Advanced Power Searching with Google: Lessons Learned

A Comparison of Five Google Online Courses

Making Sense of MOOC Data

Making Sense of Online Course Data (Google I/O 2014 video)

Moving Beyond MOOCs: Experiments in Non-traditional Product Education

Self-evaluation in Advanced Power Searching and Mapping with Google MOOCs

Student Skill and Goal Achievement in the Mapping with Google MOO

How did Google Design It?

Course Builder was used to create Google’s Power Searching with Google and Computational Thinking for Educators courses among others but was never widely adopted by K-12 and university teachers.

Google Course Builder Documentation

Sample Courses

Understanding The Basics of Code

Understanding The Basics Of Machine Learning

Intro To Digital Well-Being

You can read more on Google’s Open Online Education resource site.