10 Of Our Most Popular Articles About Student Engagement

10 Of Our Most Popular Articles About Student Engagement

Our Most Popular Articles About Student Engagement

by TeachThought Staff

Student engagement is often sought and sometimes achieved but difficult to sustain.

There are a variety of reasons why this is true, not the least of which is that it’s difficult for anyone of any age to sustain focus and ‘cognitive effort’ across multiple content areas, teaching styles, and teacher personalities every day for 6+ hours. This can make the school year feel like a bit of a marathon for both teachers and students.

The idea of ‘engaging students’ depends heavily on more macro ideas like curriculum, instructional design, and learning models. However, once the lesson begins, student engagement is everything. Below, we’ve gathered ten of our most popular articles about student engagement and have purposely selected a range of approaches from editorials to strategies to education technology tools.

Update: We’ve updated this list, removing some older entries and adding two newer articles about engaging students in the classroom.

10 Of Our Most Popular Articles About Student Engagement

1. 9 Principles Of Student Engagement In A Virtual Classroom

Lesson design will ideally meet the relative constraints and opportunities given by the learning circumstance.

2. 50 Things You Can Say To Encourage A Child

There are many ways to encourage a child but persistent, well-timed, positive messages are among the most powerful.

3. 5 Levels Of Student Engagement: A Continuum For Teaching

It was already clear that students want to ‘do well’ for different reasons but now I could see a fuller continuum of student engagement.

4. Increasing Student Engagement By Grading Backwards

Additive grading is method of grading that starts all students at zero and adds points for accomplishments and mastery.

5. 6 Golden Rules For Engaging Students

If the mind of a student isn’t engaged, understanding and content mastery don’t stand a chance. Here are 6 timeless rules for engaging students.

6. 5 Learning Strategies That Make Students Curious

Ambition precedes curiosity. Without wanting to advance, learn, change, or grow, curiosity is simply a biological and neurological reaction to stimulus.

7. 10 Ways To Give Students More Control Of Their Education

One way to give students more control of their education is to allow them to create their own schedule–and then revise it if and when it doesn’t work.

8. 25 Remote Teaching Tips To Engage Students In Distance Learning

Don’t get distracted that everything is ‘different.’ Start with the student and their needs and the new and urgent opportunities in front of them.

9. 27 Ways To Increase Student Engagement In Learning

No matter the best practices of your curriculum mapping, instructional strategies, use of data for learning, formative assessment, or expert use of project-based learning, mobile learning, and a flipped classroom, if students aren’t engaged, most is for naught. 

10. I And You And Us: 30 Inspiring Messages For Students

 am responsible for everyone and thing in this class and therefore at times what I say and do may confuse you or even seem unfair or wrong.

10 Articles & Quick Reads About Student Engagement