Kids React To Old Computers. And It’s Brilliant.

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Watch These Kids React To Old Computers. It’s Brilliant.

Computers didn’t use to be the little wonder-devices that we know them as today.

We tend to think of the evolution of computers in terms of size, form, and mobility, but merely having the internet course through them changed everything in a hurry. In the time it took Al Gore to clap his hands, computers went from complicated machines capable of calculations and code to, well complicated machines capable of calculations and code but with smarter interfaces and a focus on connectivity rather than said calculations.

They went from green and black syntax inputs and commands to Google and facebook and YouTube and all of the iconic apps and functions we associate them with today. And with that shift, an entire generation went from code-and-command fluent to consumption-focused.

It’s kind of sad that we think app first rather than function first, but the world changes. One day kids will laugh that we had to touch physical devices to use them–or even open our eyes to access extraordinary networks and databases of information.

Cute kid: “How do you look up homework?”

Interviewer: “You gotta go to the library.”

Cute kid: “Who wants to do that?


Kids React To Old Technology. And It’s Brilliant.