What Comes After The Information Age?

bytemarksWhat Comes After The Information Age?

by TeachThought Staff

There are a lot of labels that describe the ethos and characteristics of certain times in history.

The Dark Ages.

The Renaissance.

The Age of Enlightenment.

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Most recently, we’ve browsed, texted, and Google’d our way through the Information Age. What comes next, and when does it start?

Further, what causes the movement from one epoch to another, and how does that change once technology is not just a catalyst, but the foundation for social interactions?

Those are questions best left those who’ve had more coffee than we have. The troubling bit is that we won’t know what sticks until–well, we’ll never know because we’ll all be dead. For now, we can consider the following list from listly user–and head honcho–Nick Kellet.

The list contains not just nominations, but background reading for each suggestion as well. As we consider how to teach the Google Generation, it makes sense to think about what’s coming next, yes?

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  1. Keri Lamle says

    the Age of Disruptive Innovation

  2. umbrarchist says

    The Great Awakening! Haven’t you been watching your Star Trek? LOL


  3. Ludendorff says

    I believe that the next era will have a lot to do with:

    -Fusion energy sources (LENR and hot fusion).
    -Robotics revolution.
    -Graphite and nano materials dramatically impact material science.
    -Focus on nano-engineering, it’s incorporation in biotechnology and engineering fields.
    -Possibly quantum computing.
    -A realignment of the workplace, from centralized offices to decentralized, virtual “hubs” to alleviate the ever increasing traffic on roads.
    -Greater emphasis on engineering and science jobs; the new innovations and science will need sharp minds.
    -National policy shifts focus internally, rather than externally.

  4. Liisa Cormier says

    I believe the next era is already here… The Mental Illness Era… from all this shit.

    1. terryheick says

      This is brilliant. Did you reflect for long before sharing? Really love your unique perspective, the power of your language, and the insight to be able to sense what others might benefit in hearing from you.

      1. Liisa Cormier says

        I’m so sorry that happened to you.

        1. terryheick says

          With citizenship like this, it’s easy for me to get over it. Thanks again.

  5. Zhoto Stephen Naleo says

    The ‘age of intelligence dissipation’.

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